Since 1999, The Bagel House has been bringing authentic Montreal-style bagels to Torontonians. We now have many locations in the GTA area (please look at your local map for details on your nearest location). Stop by if you’re in for great bagels, lox, cream cheese, and other great deli food.

We learned our craft after working many years at the venerable Montreal bagel bakeries, Real Bagel, Fairmount and St.Vaiteur. Our bagels are made using the same simple ingredients-water, flour, sugar, eggs, and oil-no shortening. They are hand-rolled and boiled in honey-water to provide a crunchy-sweet exterior and baked a wood oven fuelled by maple.

Jassi & Chouhan first landed in Montreal and started working in the above said bakeries. Slowly, but surely, we continue learning the craft of authentic Montreal-style bagels. After long discussion, we had decided to introduce the hidden jewel to Ontarians and open up our first bagelery in 2000.

Before our introduction, it was widely believed that there is a difference in water and other ingredients in Toronto than Montreal. That is why no one could make Montreal-style bagels in Toronto, but we were able to. We did this using local water and all of the other ingredients from Ontario, but it’s not water or other ingredients that matter. What really matters is how you bake them! After a great response from the public, we are now serving Ontarians from many locations.


Sat Chouhan and Jessie Sahdra